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Do you think you may have OCD? I’m here to help.

I’m Liz Funk. I’m a writer and speaker who raises awareness about OCD and works one-on-one with people who have OCD and want to reduce their anxiety and get back to living their lives.


OCD Recovery Coaching is for you…

  • If you know what it feels like to be at war with your mind.
  • If you know what it feels like to have your brain howl like a baby on an airplane.
  • If you have mastered being engaged in conversation while actively worrying about something unrelated. You can talk about one thing, and worry about something else at the exact. same. time.
  • If you can’t stop checking-counting-tapping-picking. If your compulsions are interfering with your life and getting increasingly difficult to hide.
  • If you feel like worrying protects you from bad things happening.
  • If you know that nothing you’ve ever worried about has ever become a problem… but you still can’t stop worrying when your mind latches onto a new problem.
  • If you can’t imagine going on a vacation, because trying to make yourself relax, enjoy yourself, and not worry, would be more draining than staying home and being on guard.
  • If you always feel “on guard.”


I specialize in helping people with OCD and severe anxiety create a gameplan to get better. I live in Philadelphia, PA, where I write, speak, and coach clients who want to befriend their brains and live happier, healthier lives… with OCD.

Instead of seeing OCD as a mental illness or a disease, I see OCD as a lifestyle. It’s powerful to accept that you have OCD and that it doesn’t really “go away.” You can add so much light to your life when you decide that OCD is part of your life experience; you can decide that you want to learn to live as harmoniously as possible with it.  And in most cases, the coping tools that you develop as you heal from OCD help you become a more self-aware, observant, and compassionate person.

Contact me to learn more about how we can work together, to help you get back to living your life.

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