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When Liz Funk came to my school , Capital University, and spoke to women about overcoming stress and anxiety, it was comforting and real. I have had anxiety for just over a year now, and sometimes when people speak to you about it you cannot help but downplay your condition in order to kind of get the talk over with. I never once felt that way when Liz was speaking. She truly listened to everything each woman had to say, and gave us answers and advice that showed that she genuinely cared about us. Liz understands what I go through…

-Annie, student, Columbus, Ohio.

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Liz challenged the women in our community to take time for themselves…. Her words helped women take the first steps in overcoming their anxiety and in reducing their stress. Her presentation showed what they could do to take time to recharge themselves. Liz is truly an amazing speaker and I know she helped the women on our campus become more self-aware.

– Kelsey, Tuscaloosa, AL

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The Alabama Panhellenic Association was incredibly excited to host Liz Funk as a guest speaker. She did an amazing job at directly touching on many of the struggles millennial women feel about always needing to be involved and active. Liz taught us the importance of learning how to incorporate self fulfilling personal time into our daily schedule in order to make sure we aren’t consumed by so much stress and anxiety we can not complete tasks as well as we could. Her humor, honesty, and experience, allowed the audience to feel safe to express their concerns and encouraged to find solutions for the future.

– Emma Farrow, Westlake Village, CA

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Liz for over ten years. She is truly a gifted individual in the way that she is able to connect, relate and inform. Her desire to help, coupled with empathy, validates her ability to effectively educate and coach those around her. Liz is a pioneer in her field and an asset to all those who get to work with her.

– Sivan Cohen, LMSW, CASAC-T, New York, New York.

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